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Special Needs Planning

"When thinking about the future needs of my special needs child after I'm gone, I go through a rollercoaster of emotions and concerns."

Planning Today - For Their Needs Tomorrow

  • How do I qualify & maintain Government Benefits?
  • Who will keep my child safe when I'm gone?
  • How will I make sure the money I have left will last throughout their lifetime
  • What are my options when it comes to financial planning for special needs persons?

The financial planners at Lighthouse Planning Consultants specialize in taking the guessing out of Special Needs Financial Planning. They will provide you with the knowledge and guidance that comes with years of experience in special needs financial planning all while giving you a feeling of security that comes with knowing your loved one is taken care of. The rules are changing every day in financial planning and the professionals at Lighthouse Planning Consultants can assure that your special needs child will receive the most current financial strategies to help towards achieving your family's goals. Our cooperative approach ensures that you become an active participant in the planning process. That you understand the complex environment of financial planning for special needs family members so you are better prepared to become a lifetime participant in their financial future. Lighthouse Planning Consultants will help you:

  • Build a future plan
  • Understand your options
  • Maximize your benefits potential

These steps will help build not only a sound financial plan for your special needs family member, but also develop a trusting relationship between your family and your advisor.

"My child is so precious to me, but with all his special needs and circumstances, will there be someone there after I am gone to fulfill those needs? Who will keep him safe when I am gone? Who will feed, clothe, and protect him? How can I be sure that the money I have left for his care will last throughout his lifetime?"

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